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GPS Tours


Reasons to consider a GPS tour..

Much LESS EXPENSIVE than guided tours. You can save up to R7300 or $850.

Self guided tours DEPART ON ANY DATE to suit you.

Self guided tours need only one bike booked to GUARANTEE DEPARTURE. Guided tours need 3 bikes booked.

We provide you with the latest model GPS PROGRAMMED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR ROUTE and tour. We also give you a good road map and "Day Book" which tells you in detail about the route, things of interest along the way, road conditions etc.

There are so few roads in South Africa and ROAD SIGNS ARE SO GOOD that route finding coupled with the GPS is extremely easy.

South Africa is SAFE provided you stay away from Johannesburg and the Transkei where our tours do not go. During 16 years operating tours we have not had a single security related incident.

On all self guided tours we GUIDE YOU out of Cape Town and back again if required.

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