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About Tyler Hare, Motorcycle Tour Guide

Tyler Hare in Namibia

Tyler, owner of is the North American booking agent for South Africa Motorcycle Tours and your point of contact for questions regarding motorcycle adentures in South Africa.  During a period of indecision about his next major exploration of the American West, Tyler looked across the Atlantic inquiring about a bike rental through Tony France's based in Cape Town, SA.  All it took was a few emails from Tony, who gave input on route ideas concerning tourist opportunities combined with the most scenic byways and backroads to reach them and the "Africa bug" was planted.  After five weeks, seven countries, and 6,800 miles of riding solo across the southern portion of Africa the "bug" had turned into an fascination as every mile logged was more unique than the last.  

"The sheer beauty, uniqueness, and freedom of 'Wild Africa' holds potential that no motorcylist should miss; that is why I created this company, to help others looking for adventure and return for more of my own."  Tyler Hare

Tony France, owner of South African Motorcycle Tours

South African Motorcycle Tours

Tony who owns South African Motorcycle Tours cc rode his first bike when 16 (an ancient Aerial Square Four), kept it hidden outside his school gates and never stopped riding since. This was followed by geology involving world wide travels searching for undersea oil. Then followed many years initially as a hovercraft pilot and then as a consultant. Finally wanting to settle somewhere Tony came to Cape Town where hovercraft are not needed but bikes are, so started “South African Motorcycle Tours cc.”

Sixteen years later it is not so much the riding as the companionship with bikers from all over the world that keeps him going and loving his work. Hence the company and group sizes are deliberately kept small to facilitate one to one wide ranging conversations. We use only late model BMW bikes and small quality country lodge type accommodations.

Our Philosophy:

You will have come a long way and spent considerable amounts of money to join the tour and being very aware of this we have built in the opportuinity to see the country from many different angles and assigned days especially for you to discover that which particularly interests you - free days. You can watch wild life in nature reserves, swim and surf the Indian Ocean, go caving, visit Ostrich and Crocodile Farms, dine in exquisite French restaurants, ascend Table Mountain by cable car, strole through original African villages and sample some of the Cape's finest wines. 

Our customers average age is 48, most come with partners, the majority are from the professions and from the U.K and Germany. Routes are chosen for their scenic value and interesting driving and are therefore virtually all on paved (tar) surfaces.

It is our hope that your delight in motorcycling will be a tool for you to explore and understand a part of this vast and thrilling continent.

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