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Considering a motorcycle tour in South Africa?

Cape Town Motorcycle Tours South Africa

Guided & Self-Guided Tours, Unlimited Kilometers, and Free Help Planning Your Adventure!

Looking into exploring Southern Africa?  We are sure you have some questions: What's Africa like?  What can I see?  What should I see?  Should I do it alone or with a group?  Should my ride be guided or can it be done with a GPS and a map?  Luckily, that's what we are here for and the reason AfricaMotorcycleTours.com was founded, to assist others considering riding opportunities outside of North America. Get your questions answered by a motorcycle enthusiast upon returning from an 11,000 kilometer exploration of Africa.  

Africa Motorcycle Tours is the United States based booking agent of South Africa Motorcycle Tours, Cape Town's most experienced motorcycle touring company.  South African Motorcycle Tours, with over 16 years experience, has chosen the most scenic and beautiful parts of the country for their tours.  Preplanned tours offer something for everyone as they combine challenging mountain passes and scenic byways to reach South African points of interest while staying in delightful country lodge type accommodations. Our intention is to create a tour which will equally appeal to motorcyclists who want to explore, whether it is gravel roads, scenic overlooks, coastal highways, cultural centers, local customs, or fine dining; we have a tour that will peak your interest.  

Why choose South African Motorcycle Tours?

  • Guided and non guided tours of any length and duration
  • Motorcycle rentals with unlimited kilometers
  • Quoted prices are what you finally pay. No add ons for panniers, miles, etc.
  • 16 Years touring experience in South Africa
  • You will ride only quality late model BMW motorcycles
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing

Why we love South Africa


The Republic of South Africa covers 1 228 376 Sq km in area. This makes South Africa larger than Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, and Germany combined. The country is divided into 9 provinces. The coastline is 2 954 km with few natural harbours or navigable rivers. Ports are found at: Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Saldanha Bay.Situated at the southern tip of Africa, South Africa contains a wide diversity of climatic regions that contribute to its renowned beauty. Cape Town at 35 degrees South lies on a similar latitude as Sydney and Buenos Aires. On the West Coast the cold Benguella current of the Atlantic Ocean produces arid scrubland conditions, changing to a summer rainfall, grassland type region in the central highlands. A continues mountain range divides the country from North to South. Along the Eastern side of this range the climate ranges from sub-tropical to mediterranean. The warm Indian ocean provides for high rainfall which results in the forests, lakes and rivers. The Cape experiences rain in winter.


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   Cape Town Motorcycle Tours South Africa


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